Everyone has their own views on pornography, and this book won’t try to force you into one.

Your job whilst reading is questioning whether what’s written is true, and to question your own views on pornography and what society has conditioned you to believe about porn, and quitting addictions in general.

The book is for anyone, anywhere, and is for any amount of pornography use, and is completely and entirely free.

easypeasy will enable you to quit pornography immediately, painlessly and permanently, without willpower or any sense of deprivation or sacrifice.

The cover of the 'easypeasy' method hackbook. The description states 'painlessly quit porn immediately without willpower or any sense of deprivation or sacrifice'.

It works differently because it doesn’t use willpower; that’s anything involving counting, blocking, restricting, rewarding or punishing yourself for using porn.

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If you’ve tried quitting pornography already, you’ve probably tried ‘streak counting’ or going on a ‘porn diet’ (i.e using porn every three days or so) but easypeasy isn’t about that, and you’ll soon see why these methods actually make quitting harder.

In fact, you should continue using pornography as you usually would until you’ve finished the book completely.

The method described in this book is

This book aims to deconstruct the reasons or rationale that you might have for using pornography, and enabling you to quit with elation -- as if being cured of a terrible disease.

It’s with that purpose that this book is for anyone, from anywhere, and is for any amount of pornography exposure or use.

That means partners or parents of porn users too, who might be rightfully concerned about an extremely accessible supernormal stimulus.

On the flip side, it’s also for people who are active supporters of pornography or have fetishised the addiction itself. Or, just casual users who don’t feel there’s anything wrong with their pornography use.

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A collage of different documents and stories we're using to promote easypeasy

We're also using inspiring global change through local, social and global impact projects. You can check out quiteasily.org to get involved in changing the world too, but read the book first!

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Plus, there's an audiobook too!

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