easypeasy is a free and open-source rewrite of Allen Carr's Easy Way to Stop Smoking book, adapted for pornography. It works differently from ways of quitting addictions which rely on willpower.

Willpower is anything involving counting, blocking, rewarding, dieting or punishing yourself. This only increases the fear that you're being deprived of something you enjoy, and that life won't be the same without it.

easypeasy deconstructs the reasons why people keep using pornography in the first place — such as the ideas that porn is relaxing or helps concentration. By removing these reasons first, you can feel like you've been cured of a terrible disease, instead of feeling deprived.

It's suitable for anyone and any amount of pornography consumption. You should continue to use pornography until you've completely finished reading the book.

What have you got to lose?


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Getting Involved

Help to spread the easypeasy message, by taking actions online, offline, and locally:

• Letting people know about easypeasy.

• Having conversations with people about pornography.

• Putting up posters and campaigning for sex education programs.

Let's make a difference by working together!

getting involved


For media inquiries, please contact media+easypeasy@[peaceful foundation domain name]


After failing to quit pornography for about a year using willpower, I stumbled upon an obscure pornography adaption of Allen Carr's Easyway method on Google Sites. Anyone who reads easypeasy will understand how it changed my life completely.

After about six months being free, and trying and failing to convince people how wonderful life is without pornography, I decided to rewrite the book, to fix its numerous spelling and grammatical errors.

This slowly turned into a somewhat rewritten version of the book, combining paragraph upon paragraph to make it easier and quicker to read.

The first version of easypeasy would automatically compile a PDF using LaTeX, and would put it on a very simple website.

I initially only posted it on Reddit in a couple of places. Its readership has grown because it works!

Overview of the origins of easypeasy.

Over time, the book has grown to 70,000 monthly visitors, simply through word of mouth. I'm happy that so many people have found freedom. But I'm not going to stop until everyone is free.

The current version of the book is written in R Markdown, and renders using bookdown.

I have some ideas that will make the book even more popular, and will get people working together in their local communities. I can't wait!